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Gulab Jamun is a classic Indian sweet dish yearned by all age groups. The hot, juicy & mouth-watering flavors of this delight made up of deep-fried khoa (minimized milk) dipped in cardamom flavored sugar syrup is a must for any wedding buffet, birthday celebration, or functions


Gup Shup Papad Crunchy & mild spiced Papad adds a twist to your meal, Prepared from lentil flour and exotic mild Indian spices, Gupshup Papad is the best crunchy munchy for your meal & tea.


Hing Chana is a delicious roasted chickpeas toasted tea time healthy snack flavoured with uniquely grounded hing masala to give it a mouth lingering taste.


DMB’s delicious and soft Kaju Katli is made from hand-picked, best-quality cashews of India. Kaju katli is the first choice of sweet lovers to celebrate every small and big occasion. This box of sweetness is the perfect gift for your family, relatives, and loved ones


Kesar Angoori Petha is the world-famous sweet from Agra, India. Kesar Angoori Petha is a dried ash gourd dipped in Sugar Syrup flavored with rich Kashmiri Saffron to give a scintillating feeling to the taste buds.


Long Sev is a unique Indian snack with a spiciness of cloves making it the best munchy that tingles your taste buds during your teatime.


Rajbhog fuses the flavors of juicy rasgullas and the crunch of dry fruits! This irresistible cottage cheese delicacy is rich and tasty, loved by Indians everywhere. Serve this treat up to your guests at get-togethers or as a simple dessert after a traditional Indian Meal.


Masala Boondi is tiny drops of besan batter that are deep-fried to create the classic snack also widely used to make raita spicy & crunchy. Masala Boondi is a perfect garnish item for buttermilk, Panipuri water, and other chats.