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Albela is the Festive Treat of soan papdi & mixture, making it a perfect welcome delight for guests. (200Gm Veg Soan Papdi + 200 Gm Mixture All In One)


Aloo Bhujia is the all-time favorite of our household and is made of gram flour and potato with a touch of Indian spices. This crunchy aloo snack made from mildly spicy potato and gram flour, adds perfect taste to salads and bhel making it crunchier and tasty.


Anmol is an irresistible contrast combination of Sweet and Crunchy Namkeen Snacks by DMB. Relish the contrasting flavours with a Crunchy Treat comprising of Rasgulla, Soan Papdi, Bhujia, Mixture, Moong Dal.


These delicious gram flour sweet balls will remind you of your childhood days because of the homemade flavour.

These pure Desi ghee Besan Laddoos with rich texture are everyone’s delight.

The gram flour is mixed with dry fruits like almonds, cashews, and pistachios to increase the taste.


Bhujia is a mild spiced & deep-fried tea-time snack made from gram flour blended with fewer spices. This savory adds extra texture and taste to classic Indian breakfasts like Upma, Poha, and Chaat.


Cow Deshi Ghee – DMB cow desi ghee is the best quality clarified butter, extracted from the fresh milk yielded at inhouse Gowshala (cowsheds) of the DMB group. DMB’s cow desi ghee adds great flavors & richness to favourite dishes & sweets.