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These delicious gram flour sweet balls will remind you of your childhood days because of the homemade flavour.

These pure Desi ghee Besan Laddoos with rich texture are everyone’s delight.

The gram flour is mixed with dry fruits like almonds, cashews, and pistachios to increase the taste.


Thick, creamy milk fudge made with desi ghee, generously topped with shredded coconut and crunchy cashews. This classic offering from Punjab is indulgently delicious and loaded with nutrition. Enjoy this timeless traditional sweet treat of Haldiram’s Dodha Burfee!


DMB Gujiya is the traditional Indian sweet treat which is a must-have during Holi.

Add this delicious crispy, golden-brown, stuffed sweet to the celebration of colours.


DMB’s delicious and soft Kaju Katli is made from hand-picked, best-quality cashews of India. Kaju katli is the first choice of sweet lovers to celebrate every small and big occasion. This box of sweetness is the perfect gift for your family, relatives, and loved ones