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About Us

At times one anecdote is worth a zillion words that a biography has to say, so here I – Subhash Sharma share that one anecdote with you all, that reflects our roots and the reason for growth.

The Anecdote

Everyone must leave something behind when he or she leaves planet earth, is what my father Shri Laxmidhar Sharma, once said to me.

He then added, “In our case we have a rich history of flavourful edible products; and hence, I hope that you shall carry forward the best food practices by ensuring that its affordable, has high nutritional values, and have a longer shelf life, so that we as a company can not just expand our business in India but also take our flavours across the international market.”

” Always remember something that your hands have touched & found a way to feed not just your hunger, but your soul, will turn our products into being a household name. Doing so, the soul of our business will always reside in the minds of our valued customers , even when we leave the living world.”

So, yes ! till date those golden words have been the fuel for the growth our business, because ever since the inception of the DMB group in 1955 – our family has embraced our culture, our heritage & the rich flavours from the land of Rajasthan in the same manner as our ancestors did, which is why I  feel their presence in every walk of our life.

DMB Mithai & Snacks

Exquisite Indian Sweets, With Snacks That Utterly Enchant Your Taste” – Our Homage To The Spirit of Marvelous Land Of Kings- Rajasthan.

DMB aims to celebrate the age-old art of making Rajasthani ‘Sweets’ (Mishthaan) & ‘Snacks’, believes in ethically sourced produce to produce delicious high quality, mouth-watering cuisines to satisfy our customer’s taste buds.

We take pride in our Marwari Mithais & snacks & hence each delicacy is carefully crafted with the most premium quality ingredients. Influenced by the lifestyle & aesthetics of the Rajputana royalty, our delicacies have a fusion of rajasthani resilience, and we shall continue to package the flavours of the royal past with the latest and most hygienic food practices around the world, so that you and your loved ones can relive the royal flavour by having a date with our offerings.

And, yes ! just like the royal kitchens, our kitchens too are sites of considerable innovations; likewise our recipes too are zealously guarded and have been handed over from one generation to another ever since our inception in 1955.

We invite you to savour the best of expertise and traditional flavours by our chefs, and we hope that you enjoy indulging in the excellence of our food products as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.

DMB Fast Food & Restaurants: A heartening sign for gastronomes

With the new normal life in resumption after the Covid-19’s lockdown, the prospect of spending time out and eating well with loved ones is even more enticing. So, look no further, coz there is nowhere better to enjoy the mouth watering cuisines which are untouched from the influence of foreigners, to give you the royal flavours which were once enjoyed by our kings and queens at the royal banquets. Our menu caters to the veg lovers and is rich in variety and flavour, incorporates earthy ingredients prepared exquisitely with impeccable use of spices, so that you can enjoy the natural flavour and have a sumptuous day with us.


Is to follow the path of Food innovation, as it helps us in developing and packaging a wide range of food variety, so that we can not only serve enticing, exciting, accessible and unique flavours at competitive rates, but most importantly sustainable one’s with an extra shelf life.


Our aim is to give the best of ourselves to our customers, in a way that they feel valued whenever we serve them, only then will they re-call us & give us a chance to help them create & rejoice the moments of their lives with us.

Our Aim

Ensuring Sustainable Growth In Business

As a brand we foresee that our core principles & values continue to be the heartbeat of business, & their by achieve sustainable growth in our Indian and overseas business.

Attaining Global Leadership In Indian Sweets, Traditional Namkeen & Snacks Via Globally Accepted Food Safety Norms

We diligently follow the CDC, FDA, EPA, and OSHA guidelines to ensure that our customers not just enjoy but feel safe while consuming our products, doing so we have set our sights on attaining our fotementioned aim.

Expanding Our Customer Base Via Value Based Pricing

We follow ‘Value Based Pricing’, where in we set the price of a product based on the benefits it provides to the end consumers, and we address this challenge by using data and statistics across different markets. This exercise not only has helped us in penetrating newer markets, but also helps in expanding our customer base.

Doing so, we will be able to meet our goal of being a part of everyone’s life – no matter which place on planet earth they reside, but we aim to be beside them, no matter what time of the day they think of having a flavourful break.

Our History

DMB group was founded by Shri Laxmidhar Sharma in the year 1955. Group started their journey by offering the diverse range of high-quality dairy products & sweets. With consistent innovative approach & spirit, the group evolved with the wide range of namkeens&savories, packaged food items to their offering palette and reached to more than 60 cities across of Rajasthan & other states.

Director Message – Subhash Sharma

DMB is that temple where we worship hard work and commitment to serve society with best quality products and services. We believe in respecting 3 C’s – Company, Colleague and Customer. Working with high Ethics, Discipline and commitment can only make strong bond amongst these 3C’s.

Director’s Message – Rahul Sharma

Director Message – Rohit Sharma

With inception, DMB has on scaled to heights with dedicated team efforts & ethical business practices. We continue to take decisive action to strengthen and thrive to in a sustainable growth through innovation & being rooted to our core values.

3 D’s of DMB


We are committed in provided high-quality food products & service that give a delightful experience to the customer taste & experience


To offer diverse range of food products & keep innovating range of offering for each and every customer


Conduct our operations & delivery service with dedication, devotion & ethics, transparency.